• We also provide Lunch/Dinner and transport as per customer request.(Customize menu)
  • Public/Special Holidays are charged at weekend rates.
  • Rates are for Groups upto 20 to 25 peoples & Rate are for 10hrs only. Extra persons will be charged.
  • 15-30% Members Discount on all Packages, Students are also eligible for discounts.
  • All Payments are Non-Refundable.
  • Our Huts are only for Families and Corporates,Individual couples are strictly not allowed.
  • Any loss or damage caused to the hut by the virtue of your actions shall be subject to fines and repairing cost which shall be reimbursed by the client before leaving the hut.
  • Use of Alcohol, Drugs or Any other form of illegal activity or indecent behavior/entertainment is strictly prohibited in our huts.
  • Before you plan your trip, please call us for availability of huts on a particular day.
  • Book your trips at least 1 weeks in advance to avoid disappointment.
  • We have Customized Solutions & Special Arrangements for Family & Corporate Events.
  • A Wide Range of Water Sports, Jerskis, speed boatsand all Equipment are available to choose from & Customized Trips in view of your Specific Requirements also available.
  • We reserve the right to cancel the booking in case the above mentioned conditions are not met.


Q. Are your huts safe ?

A. Yes !! A Guard available at the hut so they are very safe for families.

Q. Are there Couples Allowed?
A. No. Couples are Strictly not allowed.
Q. Do you have electricity ?
A. No. A. Some spots have KESC with a back up generator but most spots have generator only, petrol is to be brought by you as per usage.
Q. Can we bring our own food ?
A. Yes you can bring your own food and out side catering is also allowed.
Q. How we can book the kb huts ?
A. For booking , You have to select a hut from our website and make payment at our office (Address mentioned on bottom) or via online in our company account which we send you on call.
Q. How we can reach the KB huts?
A. After Confirmation , Our Representative will guide you properly and give you the google map.
Q. Do you have proper kitchen or gas facility ?
A. Yes ! A proper kitchen with gas cylinder facility are available in all our huts.
Q. Do you have huts at French Beach ?
A. No ! We don’t have huts at French Beach.